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How to get your BUM to the USVI's in 2021

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

You can't stop eyeing those IG posts of the calm, teal waters, and lush greenery of the USVI's - and you are wondering - How do I make this trip happen in today's climate? There's no doubt 2021 has left some unanswered questions, but the steps to booking your dream trip isn't going to be one of them. Here at Blue Water Charters, ( we've done the work for you.

Now, come Cruise Da Islands on "Beach Bum 1" and meet us for a Painkiller at Soggy Dollar Bar!

USVI is open for travel and continues to see flights expanded, with both relaunched trips and new routes from carriers like American Airlines and Frontier.

The USVI's have implemented a portal with EVERYTHING you need to know and do to get yourself to these crystal waters.

Everyone age five and above visiting the territory needs to complete the Travel Screening Portal (you can find it here) and upload a digital copy of a negative test result taken within five days before arriving to the USVI.

There are two other options for travelers.

In lieu of a PCR test, the USVI's also accepts a rapid antigen test result received within five days before travel to the USVI's; or a positive result from an antibody finger stick or blood draw test taken within four months before traveling to the USVI's.

Another important item for travelers to know is that the territory is exempt from the recent CDC mandate that requires a negative test result to the return to the United States.

Get your BUM on that plane - and then a boat!


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